About Smart Cities

Our world is changing right before our eyes. Some say evolution; others transformation, while many others, renewal. Whichever way you look at it, the way we interrelate, communicate, and transport our environment is being undeniably shaped by emerging technology. Our cities and indeed our lifestyle is being formed by new innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and digital revolution.

As we witness more urban migration from our rural areas, the pressure on scarce and limited infrastructure in our cities becomes more apparent. Our actions now or inaction sadly will shape how we interrelate with our environment.

Transforming our environment to ‘smart cities’ therefore is not a choice but a necessity.

The primary function of a city is to offer a wide range of services: this involves providing public transport services, education, housing, healthcare services, security services etc. The digital revolution which underlies the smart city concept has considerable potential to transform urban services and modes of city governance. To do this, the city must have resilience capabilities enabling it to permanently rethink its approach.

Nigeria Smart City Initiative [NSCI]

The Nigeria Smart City Initiative [NSCI], driven by the Federal Ministry of Communications in partnership with Afritex Initiative, therefore is designed to bring city administrators, urban developers and emerging innovations together to develop scalable, replicable, interoperable and measurable solutions with the goal of enhancing the livability and resilience of Nigerian cities.

The NSCI project is premised on a public private partnership model with the private sector playing an active role in the drive and implementation of the various stages of the transformation.

The approach to smart city initiatives in any country therefore is very critical and must be a well thought out initiative as a smart city is not defined by its solution but by its objectives.

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